Our Services

We offer technical and legal services that will assist customers involved in international trade in saving money, staying on the right side of the law and obtaining legally and technically correct information before making import, export and manufacturing decisions.

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Duty Optimisation

Description: Dutiport assesses a variety of business related aspects including processes, classifications, origin and so forth resulting in identification of over-payments; under-payments operational savings.

Result: Earn more money - pay what is due!

Compliance Management

Description: Dutiport takes care of the compliance related activities - collating records; secure storage; regular returns; online consulting and the like.

Result: Compliance requirements are met ensuring business continuance and survival.

Licensing and Registration

Description: We facilitate the registration, licensing and designation of your company for any of the customs client types taking an administratively onerous process off your hands.

Result: You can focus on running your business!

Controversy management

Description: Dutiport acts on behalf of customers when letters of intent/ demand from Customs Authorities have been received. Matters of non-compliance - perceived/ real - may hamper businesses from operating at their optimum capacity - distracted to respond to Customs - protecting their reputation and ensuring the continuance of their business.

Result: We deal with this for you - you continue with your business!